The San Pedro Creek Watershed Coalition is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to protecting, enhancing and maintaining the health of San Pedro Creek and its watershed through monitoring, restoration, adaptive management and education.

The upper reaches of San Pedro Creek have healthy riparian areas and winter flows that support migrating steelhead trout. San Pedro is the only creek within 30 miles of San Francisco providing this type of habitat. The most significant physical impacts to the stream come from urbanization in riparian areas, channelization of the lower reaches, and the complete culverting of the North Fork in the 1970’s. Water quality problems appear to relate most significantly to storm drain inputs, especially along the culverted North Fork.

Mainstem of San Pedro Creek

  • Maintaining the watershed ecosystem through monitoring and adaptive management programs.
  • Restoring the geomorphic function, native flora and fauna, and water quality to the maximum extent possible.
  • Promoting awareness of critical watershed issues through ongoing programs of educations and community involvement.
  • Working with the public and private sectors to promote and facilitate watershed protective measures.

"To Coyote, Eagle and Hummingbird and the Ohlone that where
sustained by land and water in the Valley we now call San Pedro."

-Laurel Collins, Watershed Scientist



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