Stewardship Program

The San Pedro Creek Stewards project of SPCWC was active in the late 2000's, and conducted habitat restoration through the planting of native plant species, removal of non-native invasive species, and trash clean ups.

In order to enhance restoration efforts on San Pedro Creek and to provide community members with the opportunity to participate in the enhancement of our local natural resources, the San Pedro Creek Watershed Coalition has endeavored to establish a community Stewardship program for San Pedro Creek and the surrounding riparian habitat. The purpose of the program is to develop an active network of community members committed to working cooperatively in order to facilitate the restoration, protection, and enhancement of San Pedro Creek. The goals of the Stewardship Program are the following:

  • To develop a San Pedro Creek Stewards Network including local residents, land owners, local government, community organizations, school groups, and non-profit organizations working together to actively steward restoration of San Pedro Creek.
  • To educate the community about restoration practices and the importance of maintaining a healthy watershed.
  • To facilitate the restoration of San Pedro Creek through community stewardship events focused on the enhancement of native habitat, the removal of Non-native Invasive Species (NIS), and erosion control methods.
  • To strategically remove NIS infestations.
  • To strategically plant site appropriate native plant species to replace NIS infestations and to fill gaps in the riparian vegetation.
  • To develop a monitoring program to monitor the effects of restoration activities and changes in the creek system over time.
  • To create a recreation component and educational display in the area of the flood control project in order to enhance and encourage community enjoyment, usage, and protection of the wetland area.
  • To establish alliances with other organizations in the watershed working on habitat restoration and enhancement.
  • To seek funding and citizen support for stewardship projects that will focus on creek restoration activities.

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