Restoration Projects

The proposed enhancements to San Pedro Creek are part of a larger effort by the City of Pacifica to transform a degraded riverine system to a more natural and healthy state. In 2000, the City completed the construction and planting of a 10-acre wetland located just east of Highway 1 in conjunction with the San Pedro Creek Flood Control Project. Most recently, the City restored the wetlands at the mouth of San Pedro Creek.


San Pedro Creek Restoration

Capistrano Fish Passage Restoration Project

As part of an ongoing effort to restore and enhance San Pedro Creek, the City of Pacifica eliminated an existing barrier to fish migration at the Capistrano Avenue Bridge and enhanced nearly 1,300 linear feet of riparian habitat along the creek banks.

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San Pedro Creek Culvert Base Removal and Fish Passage Enhancements Projects

The City of Pacifica intends to improve access to historic spawning and rearing habitat for a vitally important steelhead run and improve conditions for movement by juveniles. The project involves: removal of fish passage obstacles at the Adobe, Linda Mar and Oddstad Bridges, placement of rock weirs to facilitate fish passage, and qualitative effectiveness monitoring for these projects. The primary objective is to elimate existing steelhead migration obtacles and improve habitat conditions for the northern-most steelhead runs in the Santa Cruz mountain range.

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Linda Mar Avenue Culvert

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