Benthic Macro invertebrate Study

During this study, benthic macroinvertebrates (aquatic insects) were collected in a D-frame kicknet by rubbing cobble and boulder substrates. Samples were then transferred to plastic jar before being sent to a laboratory for processing. Volunteers tested water quality, measuring the chemical, physical, and biological parameters, and documented physical habitat characteristics of the riparian zone using specific ranking criteria.

San Pedro Creek Watershed Model

The goal of this community-based project is to help teach Pacificans about the importance of protecting San Pedro Creek through a better understanding of how water moves through a watershed.

These photos demonstrate how colored pigments were mixed with cement and applied to the model to represent different land uses, for example; green was applied to represent creek-side vegetation and other wooded areas in the watershed whereas the color gray represents the urbanized portions of the Linda Mar Valley. While a few more colors and an interpretive sign are still needed to complete the project, the SPCWC is hopeful that the model will soon be ready for educational demonstrations and utilization by local school districts. The model is conveniently located outside on the grounds of the Sanchez Art Center and Concert Hall so please visit the art center grounds to view this work in progress.

Restoring Stream Banks with Soil Bioengineering

The San Pedro Creek Watershed Coalition held a four-day bioengineering workshop in the fall of 1999. Ann L. Riley, of the Waterways Restoration Institute in Berkeley California, conducted the workshop, which was meant to teach city officials and private landowners how to naturally and effectively stabilize eroding banks along San Pedro Creek. The following photographs illustrate a bank stabilization technique learned at this workshop. Volunteers began by cutting and preparing native willow branches found throughout the watershed. After removing non-native invasive plant species from the stream bank, volunteers use a brush layering technique combined with pole cuttings to install native willow and finish by covering the brush layering with soil.



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