The objectives of the Education and Outreach Committee are: 1) to educate the Pacifica community about possible means of improving the health of San Pedro creek and its native flora and fauna, 2) to reach out to residents and involve them in creek-related activities and decisions, and 3) to publicize the activities and goals of the Coalition as a whole. It is the responsibility of the Committee to both represent the opinions of the Coalition and to be responsive to the needs and concerns of creekside residents and the Pacifica community as a whole.


  • Organize community events including Creek Day.
  • Work with local schools and existing environmental education programs within these schools to involve students in creek-related events and activities (e.g., clean up projects, non-native invasive removal, storm drain pollution prevention).
  • Reach out to community groups to involve them in the SPCWC.
  • Work with other city environmental action groups to involve the community in improving the health of the creek.
  • Forge alliances and share information and publicity with other local watershed groups.
  • Publicize the activities, meetings and goals of SPCWC by writing articles and announcements for the Pacifica Tribune and by sending flyers in the mail.
  • Maintain an updated list of creekside residents and their addresses for use by all SPCWC committees.
  • Reach out to and educate new creekside residents about creek-related issues and the SPCWC by presenting new residents with informational packets when they move.
  • Recruit and invite speakers for the monthly SPCWC meetings.


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